There’s nothing more satisfying than discovering beautiful and well maintained blog with a clear focus and super-interesting content, right? I should know, I’ve seen (and envied) millions of them.

Well this is not that.

Now before you instinctively click away from this blog (and I know you want to), allow me to explain what this blog is.

This blog is a project. I have spent my whole life doing projects, and not finishing them. These days, my shiny new project ideas are usually born from reading someone’s blog – whether it be journalling, photography, writing – you name it, I have been inspired by it at one time or another. But that’s where it ends. I get inspired, I procrastinate on Pinterest for a while, I make some lists and I may even purchase some tools in order to begin ‘the hobby that changed my life’, but nothing happens after that; cue feelings of failure and unfulfillment, cue next big thing. And so the cycle begins again.

This blog is a project about projects. Even though my projects fail, I decided that something good has to come out of the experiences I have – and what better way than to record them in a blog?

Each week you will find a new post about  my latest foray into the world of pastimes. I will be taking my inspiration from the best of them, and from the worst of them. You may even find a review or two if you dig deep enough.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me!




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